If another driver has not used “reasonable care” on the road, either by violating a traffic law or simply not paying attention to what he or she was doing and as a result causes an accident in which you or a loved one was injured, you should contact The Law Office of David S. Michel. David Michel will pursue all types of compensation to which the injured party is entitled including for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income, reduced earning potential due to a disability from the accident and even punitive damages, if applicable.

Through our aggressive investigation, witnesses will be contacted and critical statements will be recorded, lighting sequences will be reviewed, photographs will be taken, all of which could drastically affect your potential award or settlement.

If you are injured in an accident, if you are able, you should follow several do’s and don’ts.

  • First, call for medical help if you or anyone in the accident needs it.
  • Second, call the police to come to the scene so that all pertinent information can be obtained and a report prepared.
  • Third, talk to the police and tell them what happened but do not admit that you caused the accident or were at fault.
  • Fourth, gather the names and phone numbers of any witnesses, if you are able and the police do not obtain those names.
  • Fifth, call David S. Michel as soon as you practically can—before you contact your insurance company, so that he can get to work representing you as soon as possible. 

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